4 input to 2 independent mix busses

An illuminated mute button per input. (semi soft mute)


A cute little sub mixer for stereo, mono + aux or for VCO mixes to parallel filters. Straight forward actually but not your usual Level+Pan kind of mixer!




under the hood features (backside stuff):

  • add +12dB of gain
  • select if both mix buses are effected by the mutes or only bus B. The buttons have this nice intermediate position were they already mute/unmute but not click in. This is really nice for dub sends to delays and reverbs.
  • daisy chain two or more Plagwitz’ inputs to create bigger matrix mixers (X-direction, connects pre-normaled input)
  • daisy chain two or more Plagwitz’ mix busses to have more inputs (Y-direction, connects post or pre normaled output)
  • add a passive input extender to the Y input. We will be offering such an expander in 2HP with 4 ins per bus, where A is normaled to B inputs.

Connectors for back side signal I/O

If you want to extend from other sources to the back side of the Plagwitz, here is the pin out to the Y + X connectors on the backside.

The pin out here is for the signal in the AWG28 cable! The pin numbering at the connector (often called micro match) is zig zag not clock wise or else. Pin 1 is towards the lower side of the module where the cutout is.

X output and X input
(X input gets normaled, i.e. front jack overrules if patched)

  1. to or from input 1 
  2. to or from input 2
  3. to or from input 3
  4. to or from input 4
  5. GND
  6. GND

Y outputs and Y inputs
Y out is always active while Y out (switched) gets disconnected if you patch into the regular output jack on the front.

  1. to or from mix bus A
  2. GND
  3. to or from mix bus B
  4. GND


How it all began: the PLAGWITZ mk1, our first module.