our MIDI to Gate+Velocity converter module. Trigger (Gate) eight drum voices in your rack from your external sequencer.

  • Intellijel 1RU format but alternative panels available (3U 5HP or 1U Tile)
  • 8 Gate outs
  • 8 corresponding Velocity outs
  • 3.5mm auto crossover TRS MIDI Input. (type A or type B outputs without adapter)
  • Internal MIDI Thru for daisy chaining multiple Tram8s
  • 12bit DAC up to 10V output on the CV outs (stock firmware sets 5V max for Velocity of 127)
  • Backside switch for direct 5V bus or internal 5V regulator (from +12V rail) power supply.
  • SysEx files for FW updates. alternative firmwares with different functions available soon


Firmware downloads:

Original firmware download V.1.0

Original firmware download V1.1b

– BUGFIX: running status messages caused hanging gate outputs

Gates&CCs firmware download (beta)

Gate outs as in the stock firmware, but CV Outs are CCs 69-76 of the same MIDI Channel. Advised for ELEKTRON users

Clocks & Random firmware download (beta)

Outs in Clock&Random:

Gate Outputs:
1: Run signal - goes high with start low with stop 
2: clock 24ppqn 
3: clock 4ppqn aka 16th triggers. 
4: 8th note trigger 
5: clock 1ppqn aka quarter note triggers 
6: half note shifted by a quarter (simple snare position)
7: beginning of bar pulse 
8: 16th divided by 3 clock 

Velocity/CV Outputs:
1: random triggered each 16th 
2: random triggered each 16th 
3: brownian random triggered each 16th (drunken walk) 
4: random triggered each quarter 
5: random triggered each quarter 
6: brownian random triggered each quarter (drunken walk) 
7: random triggered each bar 
8: 16th stepped ramp to go from 0-5V in a bar



Alternative 3U 5HP view: