4 input to 2 independent mix busses

An illuminated mute button per input. (semi soft mute)


A cute little sub mixer for stereo, mono + aux or for VCO mixes to parallel filters. Straight forward actually but not your usual Level+Pan kind of mixer!




under the hood features (backside stuff):

  • add +12dB of gain
  • select if both mix buses are effected by the mutes or only bus B. The buttons have this nice intermediate position were they already mute/unmute but not click in. This is really nice for dub sends to delays and reverbs.
  • daisy chain two or more Plagwitz’ inputs to create bigger matrix mixers (X-direction, connects pre-normaled input)
  • daisy chain two or more Plagwitz’ mix busses to have more inputs (Y-direction, connects post or pre normaled output)
  • add a passive input extender to the Y input. We will be offering such an expander in 2HP with 4 ins per bus, where A is normaled to B inputs.





How it all began: the PLAGWITZ mk1, our first module.